Hello and welcome to the information site for our research project.

What does it mean to be disabled and to grow older?

Partners for Inclusion have commissioned a piece of research in collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University to bring the voices of disabled people in to the discussion and debate about the implications of growing older. There is a sense that the lived experience of disabled people is missing from conversations about what it means to grow older, with rather more focus being on those that acquire impairment during old age. It is felt that there is a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience about disability and ageing that currently isn’t discussed within services, communities or the research literature.

A series of focus groups carried out by Jill Pluquailec from Sheffield Hallam University will explore what it means to be disabled and grow older. We are seeking the views of disabled people, over the age of 50, who have lived with impairment for all, or a substantial part, of their life. A co-produced full report and summary will be developed to share the findings and recommendations of the project.

If you are interested in taking part, please read the information sheet.